Welcome to The Edge Sports Center Blog!

Hey there! We’re so glad you found us.

Welcome to The Edge Sports Center Blog!

Welcome to The Edge Sports Center Blog!

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Hey There,

Welcome to The Edge Sports Center blog page! In addition to updating our website, our team is thrilled to enhance our user’s experience by offering this new section! What is a blog, you may be wondering? Well, friends, that is exactly what this page is intended to do – answer your questions!


The Edge blog is your resource for everything we do here, and more! We will provide you with inside information on training, recruiting, keeping up during the offseason, and so much more. Of course building such a massive library of information will take some time, so we hope you check in frequently!


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What We Do

Developed to provide varied recreational opportunities for athletes of all ages and abilities, our state-of-the-art facility has become the premier hub in Northwest Boston. Built from the group up, our facility now hosts over 260,000 youth athletes and over 85,000 adult athletes each year – with an annual attendance of over 575,000. The facility is anchored with two ice rinks and two outdoor turf athletic fields. One field is enclosed from mid-November through March to provide a seasonal experience even during the off-season. Further, Edge offers a state-of-the-art athlete training center, and Achieve Physical Therapy.

For more information, check out our About Us page!


As always, we thank the many athletes and their families for continuing to trust Edge Sports Center with your game requirements and goals. We look forward to seeing you on the field and ice!