Here’s Why Turf Rental Is the Solution You Need

Turf rental is a great solution for many events and get-togethers. Check out these reasons why turf rental is the solution you’re looking for.

Here’s Why Turf Rental Is the Solution You Need

Here’s Why Turf Rental Is the Solution You Need

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If you have plans that require a sports field, you might think you’re stuck with trying to reserve a public field in your town. But that can be a bit of a hassle with schedule availability, and the condition of the fields isn’t always great. We can’t blame you for not wanting to deal with that. However, you do have another option: turf rental at The Edge Sports Center! You can rent one of our well-maintained fields for whatever you’re planning.


Here are three reasons why turf rental is exactly what you’re looking for.


Host a Birthday Party

Rented turf might not be your first thought for a birthday party, but we think it’s a great idea. Whether the party is for younger or older kids, they’ll have a great time playing soccer or lacrosse on one of our fields. Send out different color invitations to let guests know what team they’re on before they arrive. By making the focus of the party coming together to play a game, you’ll make everyone feel valued and included.


Pickup Soccer or Lacrosse

We have pickup soccer and lacrosse games for both schools and leagues. If you want to hone your game, a pickup game is a great way to improve your skills. Pickup plays still take the games seriously, but they’re more low-key than other organizations. If you haven’t played in a while or know you’re not at your best, you won’t be the only one, so don’t let that stop you from going.


Play Under the Sky or Under the Dome

We don’t let the weather stop us at The Edge Sports Center. When the weather is nice and warm, everyone is happy to play out in the open. But when it gets cold and rainy? That’s when people get less enthusiastic. We have a solution: the dome! The dome protects players from unpleasant weather, so they don’t have to cancel a game.


Turf Rental at The Edge Sports Center

No matter what you have planned that requires a field, turf rental at The Edge Sports Center is the perfect solution. We have both indoor and outdoor turf available to accommodate all kinds of events.


Contact us at (781) 275-9700 for more information about turf rental and availability.