Freestyle Skating

Freestyle Policies and Procedures The Freestyle Schedule has been posted at the link below.

  • Starting 1/1/2022 you don’t have to reserve time in advance. Payment can be made at the rink by cash, check or Venmo.
  • If you will be skating with a coach, please register him/her to insure a spot.  Coaches are $5/session
  • Coaches will be required to show their credentials at check in
  • The sessions are $20 for 60 minutes, and the coaches fee is $5 per session.
  • Skaters may put their tote on the boards or hockey benches. Please bring your own water & kleenex, as none will be provided. Keep all your belongings in your spot.
  • All music played at the Club must be appropriate and not contain any profanity.
  • All skaters and coaches are expected to demonstrate common sense with the selection of
    music to be played.
  • Skaters playing music with profanity will be disciplined

Click here for Free Style Ice Schedule!


The Lower Rink is closed for ice painting May 20 – 29. All hockey and skating sessions are on the Upper Rink during this period. Please check the on-line schedule link above for days and times for each activity. 



Michelle Palumbo – Assistant General Manager | The Edge Sports Center Bedford | East Coast Wizards 191 Hartwell Road Bedford, Massachusetts 01730

  1. 781 275-9700 m.781 760-9107 f.781 275-7599