Sense Arena – Training Hockey Sense

The East Coast Wizards and the Edge Sports Center are one of only a few organizations in the world with access to this next generation training tool for improving puck skills and game sense. This training will have a big impact on your productivity in games. Please see the information and videos below and come to the Edge to try it out!


Sense Arena Hockey Training

 The Edge Sports Center and the East Coast Wizards are proud to be one of the first locations to host the Sense Arena system for training skills and hockey sense. The difference between good players and great players is sense and awareness. Sense Arena is the best tool on the market for cognitive training. The system is housed in the gym at the Edge, providing the total platform for strength, conditioning, skill and cognitive training.

Thrilling sport actions, fewer injuries

The brain is the most important muscle in an athlete’s body. Let’s develop its performance and skills, so we can see more great plays, fewer injuries and pure joy in the eyes of a young athlete.

​Watching top hockey, basketball, football or other team sports, we admire not only the performance of the athletes, but more and more their sense of teamplay and mental skills.

​We have focused our program on training of the “brain muscle” of athletes starting at the age of 10. We believe that synchronized development of their physical and mental skills will make them better, healthier and happier players, members of winning teams.

The “vehicle” that is going to help us achieve our goal is the environment of virtual reality.

 Training hockey sense and hockey skills

More than 50 drills and a dozen pre-set training plans focus on the development of:

  • ​Reaction time – with the focus on scoring (rebound, deflection, tipping, shooting one-timers), passing (passing agility drills)
  • Decision making – drills that force quick decisions under various conditions
  • Timing, movement and anticipation – training of break out passes, dynamic passing situations
  • Hockey IQ – reading open lanes, keep away, power-play situations
  • Multitasking – focusing on distribution of the brain power – decision making in parallel agility activities

​All drills have several different settings, including speed, frequency and accuracy of passes from a teammate, complexity of the drills, etc.

Development of cognitive functions

Brain cognitive functions are very important not just for hockey players or athletes in general, but for all of us.

Sense Arena Training Platform brings workouts that can be performed with a pair of controllers in the players hands. A hockey stick is not always necessary.

​Sample of cognitive functions you can work on:​

  • Attention
  • Decision making
  • Proprioception
  • Reaction and motor time
  • Situational awareness
  • Time-movement anticipation etc.
  • Coordination skills – linking of motor skills, development of rhythmic skills

Powerful web based analytical tool

Scores from each player are uploaded to Sense Arena’s database.  Players have the benefit of seeing how they compare with and compete against other athletes all over the world.

There are two types of outputs – diagnostic results (based on a normalized standard set of drills) and standard training results. Both types of data give extremely valuable information:​

  • Helping to decide where to focus players’ individual training
  • Benchmarks within a team setting in addition to overall comparison to players – even from the other side of the world!

That’s the unique benefit of having training in a “digital environment”, where the is the goalie always the same – in Toronto, Prague, Helsinki or the US!

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Follow the links below for videos showing Sense Arena in operation and more information about the system.

  • Associated Press – General Product Description Video – Garrison Macri – Managing Director of North America

·       CNET – CBS Interactive video article – Bakalar
  • Patrik Elias – Former New Jersey Devils Captain (all time leading scorer)

  • Jan Ludwig – Former NHL Veteran and Current NHL Scout

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Pricing – Each player will undergo diagnostic testing to determine their skill baseline. This is a 20 – 30 minute session and the cost is $25.  The cost of each subsequent session is $50 for 30 minutes. We recommend purchasing multiple sessions to maximize skill and cognitive development. Multi-session discount cards are available at the pricing below.

– 5 – 30-minute sessions for $225

-10 – 30-minute sessions for $400

Contact Adrien Peacock at 978-621-5158 or to schedule sessions.

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