Adult Public Hockey/Stick Practice is drop in public hockey where sticks and pucks are allowed. The cost is $12 per person and the minimum age is 16. Seniors and active military are $9, and goalies are free. Full hockey equipment is required. Use the registration links below to register for Public Hockey. There is a 25 player limit for Public Hockey so reserve your spot by pre-registering.


Public Hockey Links


10/7/2021            11:50AM

10/8/2021            11:50AM

10/11/2021         11:50AM

10/12/2021         11:50AM

10/13/2021         11:50AM

10/14/2021         11:50AM

10/15/2021         11:50AM

10/18/2021         11:50AM

10/19/2021         11:50AM

10/20/2021         11:50AM

10/21/2021         11:50AM

10/22/2021         11:50AM

10/25/2021         11:50AM

10/26/2021         11:50AM

10/27/2021         11:50AM

10/28/2021         11:50AM

10/29/2021         11:50AM


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