To all Edge Turf Customers,


With the release of new sport guidelines today, please see below regarding new/changed procedures at the Edge:


  • Masks are required for all athletes and spectators at all times – from the minute they step out of their car, until they are back in their car
  • If you are driving a non-family member to the facility, everyone in the car must wear a mask
  • No out of state teams or players are allowed.
  • No more than 25 athletes may be on the playing surface at one time.  If you rent the field for practice, it must be divided in half, with no more than 25 on each half.  You must also lay out cones that provide a 5 yard separation between groups. (2.5 yards each side of mid-field)
  • Social distancing must be maintained whenever possible.
  • Two spectators per player are allowed on the premesis. Siblings are also allowed, and they must always be with parents as a family unit. Violation of this rule will lead to expulsion of parents and siblings.
  • Social distancing guidelines are to be followed at all times while on the premesis. It is the responsibility of all customers to follow the guidelines.
  • Upon completion of each event, everyone must leave the premises as quickly as possible. There is no loitering on or around the field or in the parking lot.



Thank you for cooperating with the new guidelines and helping to keep our facility open and sports up and running!